Best Cars Under 70 Lakhs in Pakistan (2023)

Buying a new car with a limited budget has become a distant dream while getting a used car needs substantial savings. Prices of passenger cars continue to rise as Pakistan’s currency depreciation is out of control. Importers blame various reasons including, import bans, currency devaluation, letters of credit issues, import duties, and lack of government support.

In Pakistan’s inflated automotive market, finding the perfect car that strikes the ideal balance between performance, features, and affordability is a challenging task. However, in the guide, we will tell you the best affordable cars under 70 lakhs in Pakistan that will give you a new kind of freedom.

However, it is worth mentioning that car prices are rapidly increasing in Pakistan, so these car prices may surpass your budget in the future.

Best Cars Under 70 Lakhs

1- Suzuki Swift

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) launched the first generation of Swift in 2010 and the fourth of generation Suzuki Swift was launched in 2022 by PSMC. The latest model includes many new features and offers the best value for the money.

Suzuki Swift has been a popular choice among the masses, because of its advanced safety features, powerful engine, competitive price, sporty look, and high resale value. It is powered by a DOHC 16 Valve VVT Engine with an engine displacement of 1197 cc. It has a seating capacity of five people and is perfect for a small family.





Swift GL

PKR 4,256,000

Swift GL (CVT)

PKR 4,574,000

PKR 25,000

PKR 75,000

Swift GLX (CVT)

PKR 4,960,000

Safety is always a concern in Pakistan and due to the absence of proper regulations, many Suzuki vehicles are being sold without airbags in Pakistan. However, Swift (GL) and Swift (CVT) variants come with two airbags for front passengers and only the Swift GLX (CVT) variant has 6 airbags for complete protection.

Suzuki Swift is available in the following six beautiful colors.

• Solid White
• Silky Silver
• Mineral gray
• Phoenix Red
• Cerulean Blue
• Black


Engine type


Displacement (cc)


Compression ratio


Bore x stroke


Max output (kW/rpm)


Max torque (Nm/rpm)


Fuel tank capacity

37 litre

Drive system


Its fuel tank capacity is 37 liters and it gives a fuel average of 17 KM/L in the city and 20 km/Liter on the highway depending on the condition of the engine, road condition, and variant type.

It has a ground clearance of 160 mm, which is 10 mm lower than the Suzuki Alto and Suzuki WagonR. A low ground clearance can make it more difficult to drive on bumpy roads but it also gives more stability and better road grip while driving on long routes.

Key Features

It includes the following main features
• Keyless smart entry
• Parking Sensors
• Rearview Camera
• Rear Wiper
• Rear LED Lights
• Cruise Control
• 6 Occupant-Protective SRS Airbag System
• Power-packed Control
• Seat height Adjustment
• Safety Car Alarm
• 9” Infotainment System
• Rear seat headrest
• Push Start
• CVT Transmission with Sports Mode
• Climate Control
• Adjustable Automatic LED Head Lamps
• Alloy RIMS
• Retractable Side Mirrors
• Honeycomb Front Grill & DRL
*Availability of some features is subject to variant type

Main competitors of Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift has become a popular brand in Pakistan due to its good fuel efficiency, spare parts availability, latest safety features, and attractive sporty look.

However, Toyota Yaris is the main competitor of Suzuki Swift and it is available at PKR 4,499,000. Toyota Yaris comes with 2 powerful engine formations: 2NR-FE and 1NR-FE to ensure a high level of fuel efficiency and smooth powerful acceleration.

Honda City holds significant shares in the Pakistani auto industry, and it is available for PKR 4,799,000. Another best alternative for a modern family is Proton Saga with a powerful engine of 1299 cc.

The Proton Saga is available between PKR 375,000 – 4,100,000. Since its launch. Alvin car has gained huge popularity among the masses due to its excellent fuel economy and compact size. It is available between PKR: 4,149,000 – and PKR: 4,999,000 depending on the model and variants.

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