Hot Arrival: Pakistan’s Latest E-Scooter Marvels!

With the increasing prices of petrol and diesel in Pakistan, different electric scooter brands are making their way into the Pakistani market.

A few months back, a local Pakistani startup known as Evee launched its first electric scooter. Soon after that, we saw many other brands like Super Power, Metro, Jolta, etc launching their EVs in the market.

Keeping in view the current demand for electric bikes in Pakistan, another brand known as New Asia is going to launch its two electric bikes in Pakistan.

New Asia in Lahore is famous for producing the most popular rickshaw/tuk-tuk in Pakistan. During an Autoshow back in 2022, New Asia revealed electric versions of Ramza Scooters.

New Asia’s new electric scooters are the CBU imports from China, but the assembly would be done in Pakistan. At the moment, there are no technical details shared by New Asia regarding these two different models of electric scooters.

New aisa upcoming electric scooters
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Moreover, the manufacturers haven’t decided the price tag for these new scooters. But I believe that these two new models will have a price tag similar to other competitor bikes like Road Prince Zeus, Metro E8S Pro, and EV C1.

There are rumors that the cost of these electric scooters would be around Rs. 260,000 to Rs. 280,000. But we have to wait till the launch to know about the actual prices set by the company.

One thing is for sure, the arrival of electric scooters in the Pakistani market will solve the problem for ladies who genuinely need reliable transport at this time.

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